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Welcome to the customizable ERP cloud system
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    + For personal user + Basic Purchase + Basic Sales + Control inventory + More...
    Save $50
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    Small Business
    + For small business users + Control Purchase + Cross-location Locations + Control inventory + Control Sales + More...
    Save $200
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    + For corporate users + Control purchase + Cross-location + Control inventory + Control warehouses + Fulfill orders + Control Sales + More...
    Save $300
The cloud-based app that give your team increase productivity, and keep grow sales faster, No software.  No location limits. Work on any device. Just fire up your mobile / iPad browser and connect to our secure website. Bookmark our CRM and you can quick access anytime. Connect your employee directly to your business. Re-imagine customer touch link from sales and marketing.
Stop to spreadsheets, lists and confusion. Whether you have a 1 person company or a 100 person company, keeping control of inventory is essential to the operation of any business.
This is best online sales database CRM software for your business.

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